eXperience naneli diving
Elie started diving in 2010 and has since built up a wealth of experience. He has explored the exceptional and often surprising underwater world at various dive sites. Not only the most exotic destinations have beautiful fauna and flora, there are often beautiful dive sites close to home too!

Diving - both SCUBA (diving with a diving bottle) and FREEDIVE (without a bottle, apnea) - are super fun, relaxing sports.

As an engineer, underlying knowledge of material, technology, science and medical effects is very interesting and fascinating. Elie is therefore stimulated and curious and he has grown further into an instructor.
Elie is NAUI FIRST AID instructor & SSI React Right instructor, NAUI instructor & SSI advanced open water instructor, FREEDIVE instructor and YOGA instructor.

During the various SCUBA programs you learn to dive and / or freedive at naneli in a calm, safe way.
Refresh / scuba skills update programs, individual programs or first aid and rescue are possible.

FREEDIVEN / SCUBA DIVING goes beyond just diving: learn to breathe correctly, combined with YOGA exercises are at the foundation and help to improve our performance. Yoga combined with free diving? super cool! Also perfect in everyday life!

Do you have a diving license but have not been diving for a long time or have you had a bad experience?
You've come to the right place! Elie can certainly help you!

CHECK OUR OFFER OR CONTACT US: Elie can work out a program for you based on YOUR wishes and needs!